Dan Spink

One-on-one coaching online for four types of business writing:

  • Basic Business Writing
  • Persuasive Business Writing
  • Newsletter Writing
  • Business Development Writing


    Dan’s Analysis Of, And Advice On, Your Submitted Writing Samples

    Dan’s in-depth analysis and advice to help you improve your bussiness writing skills

    business writing analysis & advice $99


    Day-to-day documents at work such as emails, letters, presentations, and stand-alone documents with
    the primary writing goal “to inform.”

    BBW5 5 Hours
    introduction $425
    BBW10 10 Hours
    workshop $800


    Advertising, proposals, sales materials, or
    any writing attempting to influence reader attitudes or behavior.

    PBW5 5 Hours
    introduction $425
    PBW10 10 Hours
    workshop $800


    Writing for company newsletters that informs, inspires,
    and educates employees.

    CNW5 5 Hours
    introduction $425
    CNW10 10 Hours
    workshop $800


    Writing that clearly defines a business opportunity and makes it seem doable and promising
    to the intended audience.

    BOW5 5 Hours
    introduction $425
    BOW10 10 Hours
    workshop $800
Dan’s Experience

40+ years’ experience doing business, advertising, and research writing in NYC:

  • CEO/Owner of DWSI Marketing Communications Group: clients included Citicorp, General Foods, ConAgra, Bristol-Myers, GlobalSpec, Bayada Nurses, Sixpence Inns (acquired by Motel 6), A.T. & T., R.H. Donnelley, and more
  • Vice President, Account Management, Young & Rubicam, NY: directed advertising for Excedrin P.M. launch, G.F.I.C. launch, Jell-O Gelatin turn-aroun, and led GF new product development.
  • Co-Owner/Founder of Computer Interviewing Corp. of America: introduced computer-conducted consumer research to Bristol-Myers, General Foods, and others.
  • Project Manager, Benton & Bowles Consumer Research, New York: managed General Foods Maxwell House Coffee, MONY, AMC. and more.

10+ years experience teaching business and technical writing at Rutgers:

  • Asked to establish and manage Rutgers Writing Program extension program using experienced writers to teach many non-credit courses in business, technical, and creative writing.
  • Simultaneously taught business and technical writing credit courses for 12 years.