Dr. Brent Monahan



    NOVL 5 Hours
    basics $390
    NOVL 10 Hours
    workshop $785
Brent’s Experience

Dr. Brent Monahan was a teaching star in the Rutgers WPx program for ten years and now continues his online coaching for novel writing in Dan’s new LLC writing coaching group.

Brent is the author of fifteen successful novels and developed the film scripts for two of his novels when they were turned into major motion pictures; The Bell Witch: An American Haunting, starring Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland and SPASMS starring Peter Fonda and Oliver Reed. Brent’s creative writing experience also includes daytime television soap operas, All My Children and One Life to Live, and many corporate training films

Brent’s novel writing training is highly successful in the one way that counts most—getting his student’s work published and read. While his own published work falls into genres often defined as horror/supernatural thrillers and historical thrillers, he has successfully guided students in getting published in many other genres—such as memoir, period romance, and modern literary novels. Three of his students are earning 4 and 5 star ratings in Amazon book sales.

Whatever the type of novel, Brent knows what it takes to get published–and read. To be the most help to each student, Brent begins his coaching sessions by asking a student to submit a completed plot outline. Experience has clearly shown that this is the best way to ensure the most productive use of the student’s time and money. His coaching sessions are also often characterized as “fun” because he generously shares his hard-experience in all aspects of novel writing and selling–Including advice in how to find and select publishers and agents. Committed students often say they love working with Brent.