Faster, Better Business Writing
Requires Knowing “The Right Path”

Ever notice how mastering any computer skill often comes down to learning the right path—the right keys and commands to use?

It’s the same story for your business writing. Knowing the right path means you know the right subjects to focus on—and the right questions to ask yourself—before you start writing. The right subjects and questions always help your writing become clearer, more appropriate, and more effective.

As your personal business writing coach, I can show you the right starter subjects and then help you customize your writing process to your specific business writing needs. I’ve learned the right subjects and questions from 40+ years of doing marketing and advertising writing and from 10+ years of teaching business writing at Rutgers. You can quickly begin to use the right subjects and questions—and with practice—begin to see your new writing process become a better way to write.

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Dan Spink
Business Writing Coach