Rutgers WPx

Writing Program History


Rutgers created WPx (the Writing Program extension) in 2005 to offer working professionals the types of non-credit writing training they most wanted. As the founding Director, Dan Spink brought to WPx teachers with successful, real-world writing experience. The strategy worked. WPx quickly expanded to offer over 40 different courses taught in classes, one-on-one coaching, online, and onsite.

When budget cuts closed the WPx program in 2015, the WPx faculty realized that this nine-year program had yielded a wealth of learning about how to teach professionals in the workplace; e.g., that one-on-one coaching is, by far, the most successful training method for these students. As the demand for this training continued, Dan Spink decided to form DSWC (Dan Spink Writing Coaching LLC) to continue to offer one-on-one coaching and onsite training for working professionals. But, unlike WPx, DSWC is not affiliated with, or a part of, Rutgers University.

I am very proud of the high level of professional writing training
Dan Spink has developed and maintained as the Director of the
WPx program over the past nine years. His dedication to quality
and his prior business experience have clearly enriched the depth
and relevance of the writing training he has provided to so many
working professionals.

Dr. Kurt Spellmeyer, Director
The Writing Program, English Department
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey